One of the tools on the system for boosting corporate productivity is the Accounting Module. The module streamlines accountant's tasks and enables cash flow monitoring for businesses.

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Customer Invoicing

You may handle client invoices using the customer invoices module (create, update, delete, list). There are many invoice lines on each invoice. This module also provides functionality to produce papers for each invoice in a format similar to PDF and is used to create payments on invoices.

Vendor Billing

Accounts payable controls payments made to suppliers that deliver goods or services to your business through the vendor billing process. The invoice generated once your order has been fulfilled is the vendor bill.


The expense module is ideal for tracking trip expenses, office supply costs, and purchases, among other things. This module makes it simple to create cost reports, manage reports, analyse expenses, and document them.


HR & Payroll

An intuitive dashboard for employees & contractors to access payslips & Form 16s, declare investments, or request payments.

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Centralize employee, leave, timesheet, attendances, appraisals, expenses and recruitment

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Open your online retailer store and showcase your products to targeted clients through marketing tools.

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Customer Service

Manage your services and projects like a pro and provide top notch services to your customers.

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Affordable all-in-one solution with POS system that synchronize and boost business efficiency.

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Hotel Management

Vital tool for ensuring the best possible experience for guests and managing the work in sync every day to ensure that the business operates at its optimum level.

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Lets you effortlessly design all your manufacturing needs in one go and control efficiency with OEE reports.

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Supply Chain

Experience a solution that effectively streamlines delivery and supply chain processes with no fuss

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We are here to provide you with the best AI chatbot solution with The key element of technology.

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