Bu siness Applications

Apping Cloud Applications

A complete suite of cloud applications that deliver all your data and operation processes consistently across your business.

Cloud Applications

Apping integrated suite of applications connect your most critical business processes to smoothen your operation processes. Our applications are built with dynamic analytics reporting that provides you business insights for your business performance. The analytics insights will support you in making informed business decisions that will help accelerate your business performance.

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Sales and Marketing

Apping Sales and Marketing applications are more than just CRM. It aims to increase user satisfactions and better customer experience.

1. Sales

2. Marketing Automation

3. eCommerce

4. Point of Sales

5. Service Helpdesk

Enterprise Resource Planning

Apping cloud ERP solutions, comes with analytics capabilities that will accelerate your business growth.

1. Project Management

2. Supply Chain Management

3. Inventory Management

4. Purchase Order Management

Human Resource Management

Apping cloud HRM is a complete HR system that covers every aspect of human resource process from hire to retire.

1. Employee Management

2. Recruitment

3. eLearning

4. Payroll

5. Performance Management

6. Attendance

7. Timesheet

8. Planner


Apping manufacturing improves your production efficiencies and reduce costs. We transform your manufacturing processes with automated and integrated manufacturing software on cloud.

1. Manufacturing

2. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

3. Manufacturing Planning Schedule (MPS)

4. Procurement

5. Quality Check (QC)

6. Maintenance

Apping Business Outsourcing

Struggling to find the right talents?

Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

Business Outsourcing 

We help you transform your business by putting the best talents at the center of your business. Our people comes from a diverse background and experience that creates extensive coverage in skills and knowledge to bring long term value to clients and society. Our people's goal is to help others transform and  accelerate growth. We have the people and talents to achieve your ambitions and creates a competitive advantage to your business.

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People and Workforce

Unleash the potential of your business with our talented people. Your success is our success.


Harness the power of technology and reframe your business digitalization journey.

Managed Services

Provide your non-core but business critical business units a smarter way to operate.

Our people help you accelerate your growth

Your success is our success.