Supply Chain

It helps to properly handle all the flow and make it hassle-free. A robust ERP is usually a fantastic solution. Our System makes it simple to handle all the key SCM components, including supply, production, distribution, and all processes.

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Fleet Management

The Fleet Management module can be used to keep the track of mileage and forecast service and repairs. Fuel consumption monitoring, keeping a track of all the costs for each vehicle are some of the fleet management features.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management feature enables users to efficiently manage and track vendors of a business. This helps to define all type of vendors such as Import vendors, domestic vendors, Freight vendors etc.

Quality Management

Set up in-process, final, and receiving inspections based on a quality control plan. Define quality control plans to trigger in-process, final, and receiving inspections.


HR & Payroll

An intuitive dashboard for employees & contractors to access payslips & Form 16s, declare investments, or request payments.

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Centralize employee, leave, timesheet, attendances, appraisals, expenses and recruitment

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Open your online retailer store and showcase your products to targeted clients through marketing tools.

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Customer Service

Manage your services and projects like a pro and provide top notch services to your customers.

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Affordable all-in-one solution with POS system that synchronize and boost business efficiency.

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Hotel Management

Vital tool for ensuring the best possible experience for guests and managing the work in sync every day to ensure that the business operates at its optimum level.

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Lets you effortlessly design all your manufacturing needs in one go and control efficiency with OEE reports.

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Supply Chain

Experience a solution that effectively streamlines delivery and supply chain processes with no fuss

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We are here to provide you with the best AI chatbot solution with The key element of technology.

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