Get Started with Figma

Get Started with Figma

Get Started with Figma

Figma is a web-based graphics editing and user interface design app that works on your browser. What does that really mean? You can access your projects from multiple devices without installing software. You and others can work on the same file in real-time taking the project from brainstorming to prototypes. You can use Figma to design briefs, create storyboards, reduce complexity on web sites and even design your CV or resume all while collaborating with others in real time! By the end of this project, you will go through the steps to learn about the application to develop a web page or homepage for your own app.

Work with Components in Figma

Components are popular in engineering and used for building user interfaces and games. Components are elements that you can use in designs when working with Figma. They help to make your projects have consistency. Adding the concept of components to a design tool makes the composition of complex designs more consistent and efficient. The great part of components in Figma is that Figma wants to make components easy to learn and use while still being powerful enough for advanced users. Learning about components will help you to build things faster and more consistently. By the end of this project you will be able to manipulate components in your projects easier.  

Private Course
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Responsible Jo Lee
Last Update 12/03/2024
Completion Time 2 days 4 hours 59 minutes
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  • Get Started with Figma
    • Create a Figma account and learn about some of the main features of Figma
    • Start to design the app in Figma by learning about wire frames
    • Learn how to access and use a component library in Figma
    • Add pages to the frame in Figma
    • Share the design and access levels of Figma
  • Work with Components in Figma
    • Create a master component and learn about instances in Figma
    • Create an override on a component in Figma
    • Create a multiple variant option of a component in Figma
    • Create a binary variant option of a component in Figma
    • Format components in Figma
    • Create styles for components in Figma