Apping 5 Drivers of Growth

Apping is always striving for betterment, whether it is for the employees, for the company, or for the clients. With the ever changing landscape of business, we work together with businesses from all over to realize their ambitions and growing their businesses.

With a long history of working and collaborating together with entrepreneurs and business leaders, we support them to accelerate growth in their journey of success. Drawing from this experience and successful approach, Apping develop these 5 Drivers of Growth methodology to instill a successful journey in your business.

What Apping can do for you

Apping 5 Drivers of Growth is a framework that will enable ambitious business owners to accelerate growth by thinking out-of-the-box about their businesses and identify untapped potentials that will successfully deliver their growth strategy.

Learn from the successful entrepreneurs

Amid all kinds of market conditions, the growth journeys of successful businesses lies in the secret of the 5 growth pillars. They would focus on a broad set of capabilities and balance their time, money and energy across all these drivers as they grow.

This has proven to be the key success factors for building a resilience structure which provides sustainable growth for all businesses.


Leading businesses put a lot of weight on customers. They make sure their customers will always have a positive experience with their services yielding a high customer satisfaction rate.

They know their customers and they can anticipate their future needs. They keep them engaged and delighting their customers as they gradually build trust and loyalty throughout the customer experience journey.


It is absolutely important to have the right people in the right job. As the saying goes, talents are the greatest asset in the company. To retain the right people, businesses build an environment that promotes its purpose and vision. 

It is not just the good experienced people, but it is the people that can fit the company's culture.


Technology and digitalization are constantly transforming the business landscape. Leading businesses are always on the look out for new digital innovation that will improve the way how business operates in a larger scale.

Businesses that successfully harnessed the power of technology will be able to enhance the human potential and create a competitive advantage in the market.


A company business operations have a close link to the company's business goals and its ability to deliver the goals.

Thriving businesses promote a culture of continuous improvements. They focus on details that matters and constantly improve to stay ahead of the competition.


A long standing business needs to be resilient at able to grow at a sustainable rate. The ability to build a concreate revenue plan is the key to building scalability in business.

Leading businesses know how to identify emerging market and be flexible in their approach to achieve target goals in the long run.

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