Helping millions accelerate growth

Our vision is for every business to have the right ERP tools to generate business analytics that facilitates growth and build brilliant reputation


Our times have changed significantly from a traditional industrial age to the current information age. Digital devices and the internet have become part of our daily lives, which leads to the modernized information and communication processes that are becoming the driving force of social and business evolution.

We know of a better way to help businesses grow using the power of technology. We believe all businesses can achieve greater revenue success by utilizing analytical business data to identify areas that can be changed. Using technology to facilitate that change will bring a positive impact towards accelerating growth. That’s why we have created a dynamic and scalable business system that enables and accelerates optimization and growth.



Having spent over 15 years working in the corporate world, Jo and August noticed a similar constant challenge facing most corporations. No matter how big or small the corporations are, it is always the issue of communication processes that hinders a business from progressing smoothly ahead - resulting in misalignment of expectations and results. Hence, most time is spent on fire-fighting instead of progressing ahead.

Apping was born with the notion that we want to help corporations streamline processes and minimize communication gaps so the focus can be shifted towards strategic and productive activities.

Today, Apping continues to customize cloud ERP solutions that help businesses refocus their attention back to their customers.